Mission Statement

Without Collegiate Approval was created in response to the elitist way in which we publish and showcase media made by young artists. The world of institutionalized academia teaches us that we must accept a certain systemic approach to making art and storytelling. A money and power driven concept that dominates our understanding of art and artists. Emerson College and schools like it should instead foster a community of artists supporting each other that will in turn radicalize and transform the global art community. Our goal is to help and encourage artists rather than dismiss them. We will accept any art as long it passes our community guidelines, and help you improve your work. Excelsior!
*Community Guidelines: We will NOT accept racist, misogynistic, sexist, transphobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic, anti-LGBTQ, or ableist submissions. Anything offensive or prejudice in any way will be rejected. Don’t be a jerk!
by Ben Schifano and Liana Genoud

Meet the Staff!

Ben Schifano (Editor in Chief)

I’m a junior at Emerson College, and I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona. I miss the sun every day that I’m in this cold and impersonal city. No offense to those who love it, it’s fine, I just don’t like the weather. I feel the same towards Emerson as I do towards Boston, dislike and unhappiness. But unlike the weather, I can change Emerson, or at the very least try. This is why I started WCA.

Sam Longo (Short Story Editor)

I’m a VMA transfer student who loves plants, reading, and scifi. I work to get through school and I have a radio show on WECB called Green Eggs and Sam. I’m a part of WCA because art shouldn’t have to hop fences to get attention. We’re a college, we should be sharing and lifting each other up. WCA is important because every college should have a group that functions individually but is still a part of the college community.

Joseph Green (Opinion Piece Editor)

I am a writer and a documentarian, but above all, I am a storyteller. I find catharsis and healing in speaking my own truth, and I want to dedicate my life to helping others do the same. I became a part of WCA because I saw it as a space that could help members of the Emerson community tell their own stories. I feel privileged to be a part of a platform that allows everyone’s voice to be heard.

Maya Kaczor (Short Story Editor)

I’m a Writing, Literature and Publishing major from New Jersey. I thought I would end up as a writer, but realized my passion wasn’t just in creating content on my own, but by helping others by being a part of their own creative process. I think helping other artists hone their skills is the best way to help yourself grow as an artist, which is why I love being an editor and having a hands-on role in a story’s creation. I became a part of WCA because I’m proud to be a part of a community where any artist can put the art that they are proud of on display for others, and I’m even prouder to be able to help these artists in any way that I can.